My time at the training was not a waste, with the Lord placing me in a home with four other middle age saints. This was quite an experience and gaining of my being. After being in the church for so long a time attending the meetings, going to conferences, to trainings, home meetings etc., I thought that I was ok, but was I so wrong. Every class was an eye opening, especially the class on the perfecting training which exposed my cancer of opinion, and disposition. There were those that showed me how I did not have a heart for man. In the training you are immersed in the Word, prayer, and fellowship day in and day out. I was able to have morning watch with my husband every morning before my corporate morning watch with the other trainees. Attending the live ministry meeting on Wednesday night was so enjoyable. It was a joy to help in the kitchen with the cooking and the cleaning. We enjoyed singing and fellowshipping with our precious brother who was laboring with the cooking to see that we had healthy food to eat. These precious times were not in vain. The service, home meetings, the nourishing from the saints in Anaheim were wonderful. I encourage every middle age saint to bring this matter to the Lord in prayer regarding the middle age training. This will add years to your time in the church life.

A sister in Christ
Church in Virginia Beach

A brother and I decided to go for two weeks to experience the training. I especially remember the time we had in the morning praying and fellowshipping with the Lord on our own and with the saints. I got help from the speaking that will be a special help to me. I treasure all that we went over in the training. We went for another two weeks, this time going through the pre-training, which was a large dispensing of the Triune God into us. I would say if you can go full time, go. But if you can only get away for two weeks do that, and attend the middle-age training!

A brother
Southern California

Before attending the FTTA-MA, we took for granted the riches in the ministry of the Word that we are privileged to have. The training opened our being and put many fragments of the ministry together into a whole vision, teaching us to have a learning spirit. There is hope now that even we can bear fruit in old age! We feel the training prepared us for our next move in Him. Many of the classes were taught by the same teachers as the FTTA. It was like a non-stop conference of glorious messages! Some classes totally revolutionized our concepts, especially the ones on neighborhood children's meetings and the God-ordained way! The classes on disposition and character were so exposing, driving us to repent to the Lord. This training enlightened us to our real condition—the light there is very piercing. The study groups were an enjoyable building experience. Serving with the saints was the greatest joy on earth. We encourage everyone to let the Lord uproot you, come to the FTTA-MA and let Him prepare you to be useful in His move on this Earth. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! You will never regret coming to this training—even if just for two weeks. The fellowship and building we experienced in serving with others from all over the world is an eternal memorial for us. Any price you pay for this is worth it! Amen, Lord: life, truth, service, gospel and character—gain us! Your kingdom come, Your will be done ON EARTH, as it is in heaven. Glory to Him!

A couple
Seattle, WA

I have migrated together with my husband and two teenage daughters from Church in Campbell, Northern California to Lyon, France since August, 2008. We are here to answer Lord’s calling to Europe to serve as an open home. Praise the Lord, even we are in mid-age, we can still function in His Body and participate His move.

I remember vividly when brother Minoru fellowshipped about our function. He encouraged us with the verses from Psalm 92:12-14 “The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree They will still bring forth fruit in old age; they will be full of sap and green.” As long as we are willing to be trained and matured in life, the middle-age saints can be useful in His hands in His Recovery.

Even though I was only in the training for short term, I enjoyed all the lessons in truth and in character. The most memorable time was to live and be built up with other trainees who came from all over the world. We fellowshipped and prayed together for our affliction and our enjoyment. Saturday we prayed and went out to preach the gospel. On the Lord’s Day we prophesied in the meeting, and afterwards we went by groups to saints’ homes to have a love feast and fellowship.

Life in the training is pretty regular and profitable to both our spiritual and physical life. I urge and beseech you that if you desire to be perfected, the FTTA-MA is the best place to be. Pray that the Lord will release you from all the earthly burdens into His up-to-date burden. Give yourself to the Lord for a period time to be equipped and perfected in truth and life so that you will be able to cooperate in His operation in His universal Body.

A sister
Originally from the Bay Area, moved to Lyon, France with her family

I am so thankful to the Lord for making a way for me to go to the middle-age training. I was there for 2 terms and then I graduated. My prayer to the Lord in the training was that I would see the Body of Christ and be more useful to Him. The Lord answered my prayer. To me the training was such a sanctified time with so many saints from different countries. I served with so many members of His Body. My highlight in the training was to learn and see the three divine and mystical stages of Christ’s ministry. The lessons were very rewarding. Also the book, The Secret of God’s Organic Salvation was an excellent supply for me. I saw how important it is to be built up with others. The coordination was excellent. The middle-age training brings you into a sanctified realm, which left a big impression in me. It brought me closer to the Lord. How much we need to be trained. It was a very precious time for me, I will always treasure it.

A sister
Toronto, Canada

As the Lord is moving and growing in His testimony and expression, we as His believers need to be equipped with the truth. The Middle-age Training gave me a clearer understanding of His eternal economy and His Body, the Church. My awareness of His presence and His longing to return was heightened. My love for Him increased as well. The brothers who labored to dispense the truth into us were surely anointed in each meeting. There was not one class that I did not sense the Lord and His speaking. If you have even a slight inclination that you could attend the FTTA-MA, I encourage you to go. I went at the urging of a sister who has since gone to be with the Lord. When she first asked, I did not have any strong feeling to go but because I said “Amen” I got the benefit. Some in my locality have said I did not return the same person. Amen Lord, more of You!

A sister
Tacoma, WA

The training not only cleansed me in a very deep way with my relationship with the Lord, but it also prepared me to be a functioning member in the Body. Our home is going to be opened starting next Monday for an English-speaking meeting and will be serving the young people on the Lord's day. Praise the Lord for the serving ones who labored so hard for the materials to feed us and who also provided the kind loving care for us to have a balanced growth in Him during the time of FTTA-MA.

A sister
Originally from Atlanta, GA, now working in Beijing

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Middle-Age Training forever changed my Christian life. Although my wife had been in the recovery for thirty years, I had only been here for two. I was burdened that I needed all the help I could get in order to make the most of the remaining years of my life—to be matured as an overcomer. A hothouse is an environment in which everything necessary for the growth of the plant life is optimized and maximized. The training is a “hothouse” for the divine life; a “Zoesphere,” if you will.

We saw the living out of Philippians 2:17 as the serving ones were daily poured out as drink offerings on the sacrifice and service of our faith which we exercised to come to the training. We received ministry and shepherding in the four pillars of the Lord’s recovery: truth, life, service, and gospel, not only in our classes, but also through our insertion into nearby localities where we could be brought into the God-ordained way to be normal, healthy, fruit-bearing branches of the Vine. I encourage all those who are considering this move to fearlessly place yourselves on the altar afresh and open to Him fully to see if it pleases Him to place you here. It will be a mutual gain to you and Him.

A couple
Church in Nashville, TN

We really enjoyed the FTTA-MA. During that time, our daily living was uplifted to practice the one new man by having morning watch together, studying together and praying together. With other saints, we exercised our mingled spirit. All the trainers spoke the word of the living God with their spirit. After lunch, we enjoyed being in small groups praying and walking on the campus. We enjoyed the anointing Spirit leading us and were full of joy. In addition to the FTTA-MA classes, we also enjoyed the gatherings with FTTA on Monday nights and Wednesday ministry meetings. We found that the FTTA-MA really helped the saints to redeem the time and have a practical daily living.

A Chinese-speaking couple
Church in New York

We attended the Middle-Age Training when we were very new to the Recovery and still full of religion. Our hunger was to know more about Christ—to be filled with Him. In reality, we had no idea what to expect, just as young people who enter marriage have nothing but stars in their eyes. Each day we received huge blessings. Every class we wanted to reflect on and go over to get more of the gold being mined for us. Every activity with our classmates gave us memories to cherish. Two months after we graduated we had a real hunger to do it all over again. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to attend and would encourage everyone to prayerfully consider going to this wonderful training.

A couple
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

What we gained and experienced in the training remains a continual source of supply in our daily church life.

I have 2 words, 1 verse and part of a hymn that describe my time in the training.

Inflow and Outflow

Inflow: in first term we were taking Him in. Finding out more about who this wonderful One was. Outflow: in the second term we flowed out the riches we received in a vital group way, ministering Christ to others, serving our wonderful Lord as one.

1 Cor 2:9-10

“‘Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart; things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’ But to us God has revealed them through the Spirit”

Hymn 1, Stanza 4

“Twas Thy thought in revelation, To present to men, Secrets of Thine Own affections, Theirs to win”

The Lord certainly won our hearts!!

The training is the Father’s will on the earth! We thank Him for the enjoyment of the sevenfold intensified...everything!! He is not like the worldly masters, to serve the Lord full-time in the Body, through the Body and for the Body was the greatest joy!!

A sister
Toronto, Canada

To me, the Middle-age Training is the best kept secret in the Lord’s recovery. This training parallels the Full-time Training which was started by our brother Witness Lee. It is a golden opportunity to get unstuck and be perfected to be useful for the rest of our lives.

My experience is in two parts spanning the two terms of the training. The first term was an opportunity to stop my life and be immersed in the ministry. As one brother said, “You know those books we have on our shelves? Well, in the training we actually get into the books.” The vision became clearer and increased my hunger for the Word. My joy was restored.

Everyone told me that the second term is even better. I didn’t understand until it became my own experience. Something happened deep in my being that shifted my view and understanding of being in the Body. I learned to coordinate as a normal member of the Body.

“A vessel unto honor, sanctified, useful to the master, prepared unto every good work.” 2 Timothy 2:21. Honor is a matter of nature, being sanctified is a matter of position, useful, a matter of practice and prepared is a matter of training.

Becoming such a vessel happens in FTTA-MA.

A brother
Elyria, Ohio

At a certain age we feel it is so hard to be trained, even if it causes spiritual growth. Nevertheless, I have changed my idea about what training is, for the Middle-age Training has given me an attainable challenge. There is no age limit to gain Christ and be able to service in the church life afterwards. The corporate living and the various services we participated in rejuvenated all who participated. No matter how old the physical body feels or looks, participating in the study, the services and the corporate living is an experience for all ages. Even studying for mid-terms and finals is no impossible dream, because we are trained to even enjoy studying. I have certainly gained much from that. After so many years out of school, you short change yourself into thinking that this is unattainable, but when you study to enjoy, it is totally different from school experiences. You really gain so much, because you enter into the riches of the ministry. Everybody should come to the FTTA-MA. It is beyond words.

A sister

I completed the first term of the middle age training in June of 2009. It started in March and it took a lot of struggling to get there, but I was very glad to be a part of that term and to complete it. I don’t know that I had a favorite class as they were all very good. To my surprise even the tests were pretty enjoyable. I was so glad I had a few sisters to study with. I appreciated all the trainers very much. They did not speak their own words, but infused us with the truth of the Word and the ministry in every class. What was truly amazing was the enjoyment of blending with so many saints from so many different places and countries. Some saints you hit it off with right away and some you clash with, and some you don’t seem to get to know very well, because you don’t have much contact with them. But, by the end of the training you had the same love for all the saints. It was very clear that this genuine love, care and concern were absolutely from the Lord Himself and not of us. The training was truly a marvelous building experience and I think the verses that sums it all up for me is: Ephesians 4:13 “Until we all arrive at the oneness of the faith, and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, at a full-grown man, at the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”

A sister
Wixom, Michigan